Please make a Holiday Donation and give the gift of health.

This holiday season, there is so much to celebrate.  Our community has the gift of their hospital back.  With your holiday donation, you will help to ensure the best care possible.  

Please help with your donation today.


With our hospital newly reopened, there is much to do to make sure that we have the equipment our doctors and nurses need to care for everyone who comes through our doors.

Here is some of the important equipment your donation this holiday season will help with:

  • Smart IV pumps that help eliminate dosing errors
  • Labour and delivery beds that offer greater support to new mom while reducing injury for medical staff
  • An updated treadmill for patients who need rehabilitation
  • Endoscopy equipment to provide the best in care and cancer screening.
  • And even pillows….They may not seem like much but for a patient in great distress, being able to get more comfortable can make a world of difference.

With your holiday donation today, you help make a difference in our ability to respond to the needs of this community, and to provide you and your loved ones with care close to home.

Thank you.  Happy Holidays to you and your family,

Rachel Agnoluzzi, CEO Port Perry Hospital Foundation

Read the full 2018 Holiday Letter sent November 13th, 2018.

Make your gift online or print the Holiday Reply Form and send with your gift to Port Perry Hospital Foundation, 451 Paxton St, Port Perry, ON L9L 1L9