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Here for You – Bringing a CT Scanner and Other Vital Equipment to Port Perry

Transforming Care at Port Perry Hospital with CT Diagnostic Services

Advanced medical equipment and other patient supports are, in large part, made possible because of community support. This year is no different, but the equipment we need right now is more important than ever.  Help us bring a CT scanner to Port Perry.

CT scans are used frequently to diagnose an injury and/or determine medical treatment, very often in emergency situations.  Currently, all Port Perry Hospital patients who need a CT scan are transferred to another hospital for their scan before treatment can begin. This does not meet the standard of care that our community needs and deserves.

The Port Perry Hospital Foundation has embarked on the Here for You $4 million fundraising campaign to bring a CT scanner and other essential equipment to Port Perry. With your help, we shall give our medical team this key tool to providing the best in care for you, your family and your community.

Every day, a CT scanner at Port Perry hospital will shorten time from diagnosis to treatment for our patients. And sometimes, it will be the key to saving someone’s life.

In today’s medicine, CT is the accepted standard of care in diagnosing many medical conditions, very often in emergency situations including:

  • Accidents

    For a patient suffering a physical trauma, CT is used to evaluate head, spine, chest and abdominal injuries, often urgently.

  • Suspected Stroke

    CT is used to determine  a patient’s eligibility for clot busting medical treatment, an extremely sensitive process. Because every minute counts!

  • Emergency Surgeries

    A delay in CT imaging can lead to a delay in surgery and lead to complications.

  • Appendicitis and Diverticulitis

    Both very common conditions require a CT scan to confirm the diagnosis prior to surgery or other treatment options.

  • Pneumonia and Other Respiratory Concerns

    CT provides more detail in evaluating all pneumonias, COVID-19, and other respiratory processes.

  • Blood Clots

    For patients with suspected blood clot(s) in the lungs (aka pulmonary embolus), a CT scan provides prompt diagnosis so treatment can begin.

  • Vascular Emergencies

    Aneurysm, dissection and arterial obstruction require a rapid diagnosis to proceed to treatment. Delay can result in loss of life or limb.

  • Cancer

    Cancer staging and surveillance CT could be performed locally in many cases, with more of the patients’ care close to home.

A CT scanner at Port Perry Hospital will only be possible with our community’s full support. To speak to someone at the Foundation about how you can help, please call 905-985-7321 ext. 45580 or donate online now. 

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There is no doubt that bringing CT to Port Perry Hospital will improve care for our families, friends and neighbours. In fact, it may save lives.

Port Perry Hospital Foundation has committed to raising the money required to bring a CT scanner to Port Perry Hospital. We must also ensure that other vital patient care equipment supported by the Foundation is not compromised during the CT fundraising period.

Please join us by providing your support and help us bring CT services to Port Perry ensure other essential new and replacement patient care equipment is not compromised with your donation to the Here for You campaign.