What’s in a patient bedside chair?

woman in chair with nurse to her side

A better care experience at Port Perry Hospital.

Getting a patient out of bed and sitting in a chair for activities, meals and to visit loved ones can be so beneficial for their healing.  It allows the patient to stretch their legs, use muscles that become stiff lying in bed for extended periods, maintain strength, eat a meal with less struggle and more dignity, and so much more.  In fact, it is often an indicator that a patient is one big step closer to being able to go home.

Our goal is to replace the handful of outdated patient chairs that are currently shared between all of our patient rooms with twenty-six updated, new bedside patient chairs – one for each patient bedside in the medical/surgical ward.  

New Chairs will provide:

  • Movable arms provide easy access for patients who need help being transferred to and from the chair
  • Contoured back support and foam seat alleviates pressure points
  • A number of shared footstools will nest under chair to prevent obstruction when not in use
  • Rear tip and move wheels allows the chair to move easily and safely when needed
  • Height adjustable legs enables a variety of height range and seat angle adjustments to suit each patient

How you can help

The cost of each chair is $1,000.  This cost includes some shared footstools and a few of the bariatric chair model.  These chairs are built to support patients at their most vulnerable, minimize injury for staff as well as patient, and must stand up to repeated wear and tear as well as harsh cleaning and sterilization solutions on all surfaces.

Read a letter from Doug Brown, Owner, Pharmacy Associates of Port Perry, Volunteer Board Member, Port Perry Hospital Foundation and Patient Bedside Chair Supporter.

Contact the Foundation Today

Call the Port Perry Hospital Foundation at 905-985-7321 ext 45580 or donate online. If you donate online please let us know that you’re donating to the patient chair campaign. The Foundation will promote your  commitment to purchasing a chair through the Foundation’s social media, website, and the Foundation’s monitor in the hospital lobby (with your permission of course).

Join this group of supporters who have purchased a chair and are dedicated to helping patients get one big step closer to going home