Township of Scugog Pledges $200,000 to Here for You Campaign

Port Perry Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce the Township of Scugog has committed $200,000 over four years to bring a CT scanner and other essential equipment to Lakeridge Health’s Port Perry Hospital.

CT is a standard of care physicians rely on, with scans used frequently to diagnose an injury and/or determine medical treatment, very often in emergency situations.

Currently, all Port Perry Hospital patients who need a CT scan are transferred to another hospital for their scan before treatment can begin.

“We are so grateful for the tremendous support of the Township of Scugog with this pledge to the Here for You campaign,” said Rachel Agnoluzzi, Port Perry Hospital CEO. “This donation is the Township’s largest investment in our hospital to date, is a testament to the importance of our hospital to the community, and brings us one giant step closer to bringing CT and other essential equipment to Port Perry.”

In 2019, North Durham residents accounted for nearly 2,500 CT scans at other Lakeridge Health hospital sites.  By 2026, that number is forecast to be as many as 6,500 scans a year. A CT scanner at Port Perry will shorten the time from assessment to care and treatment.

“Our community is growing and so too our need for essential care. Our hospital has always been there to support and care for our residents and a new CT scanner will ensure our residents are provided the care they need close to home,” said Mayor Bobbie Drew, Township of Scugog. “On behalf of my fellow members of Council and the Township of Scugog, we are pleased to play a meaningful role in bringing the CT scanner to the Port Perry hospital through a pledge of $200,000 in support of Lakeridge Health Port Perry.”

With a goal of raising $4 million, the Here for You campaign will bring a CT scanner to Port Perry while also ensuring other new and replacement essential patient care equipment is not compromised.

A CT scanner at Port Perry Hospital will only be possible with our community’s full support. To speak to someone at the Port Perry Hospital Foundation about how you can help, please call 905-985-7321 ext. 45580 or visit