Give the Gift of CT and Other Essential Equipment this Holiday Season

For the second time in as many years, Erin Johnston recently had to make the difficult journey to Lakeridge Health Oshawa Hospital for a CT (computed tomography) scan.

Last year, Erin arrived at Lakeridge Health Port Perry Hospital with a debilitating migraine, well beyond anything she’d previously suffered.

With fear of stroke and brain bleed, she was loaded into an ambulance accompanied by a nurse for the 25 minute ride to Oshawa for an essential CT scan. Erin recounts this trip as incredibly scary.

At that time, she hadn’t realized she was going to Oshawa because that was the closest CT scanner.  She was in pain, and the delay and travel added to her fear and confusion.

Earlier this fall, once again Erin arrived at our Emergency Department, this time with suspected kidney stones.  A CT was ordered but local ambulances were busy and her husband was out of town.  Erin had to rely on Chase, her 17 year old newly licensed son to drive her to Oshawa.  Chase apologized to his mom at every bump, distressed over her pain on the trip down.

Erin’s story of being transported to Oshawa for a necessary CT scan is far too common.  Sometimes this trip takes place two, three or even four times in a day.

Erin knows first-hand why having a CT scanner at Port Perry Hospital is so important, especially in a life-threatening situation. She’s incredibly grateful for the care she received but knows that the sooner our doctors can diagnose, the sooner they can treat their patient. She also realizes that when a Port Perry nurse accompanies a patient to Oshawa in an ambulance for a CT scan, it impacts other patients at our hospital and in other potential emergencies.

Medical treatment follows assessment and diagnosis, and CT is an essential imaging assessment tool that is simply a standard of care that we must bring to our hospital for our patients. It provides more detail than a regular x-ray and the procedure is fast and painless.

Much of the medical equipment used in patient care is made possible through support like yours. The hospital receives little to no government funding specifically for new or replacement equipment. Through the HERE FOR YOU campaign, you can make a difference like never before, ensuring a CT scanner and other essential equipment is here when it’s needed most.

Please take a moment today to make your tax deductible gift by completing and returning a donation form or give online at The attached form also includes an option to give monthly, a convenient way to spread your gift throughout the year.

Thank you in advance for your valued support. We wish you and your loved ones a healthy and happy holiday season.