Helping our medical team help our patients. Give this Holiday Season

A Holiday Letter to Our Community

This year has been one of great celebration!  With our community’s support, so much has been accomplished.

Thanks to the generosity of you and others like you, a new CT scanner is on its way to Port Perry Hospital; expected in the spring.  This will dramatically expand care and shorten time from diagnosis to treatment, often in cases of life threatening situations.

And recently, a new portable ultrasound unit with the latest imaging technology has been acquired for our Emergency Dept.  Incredibly clear ultrasound images can now be taken without moving the patient, allowing staff to provide other life-saving care at the same time.

New infant bassinettes that rise and lower have replaced 40-year old units in the New Life Centre.  Being able to lower a bassinette to lift baby out, particularly for a new mom who has just had a C-section, keeps baby and mom that much safer.

These are examples of the important equipment made possible at Port Perry Hospital because of donations made by you and others like you.  Thank you! 

However, the challenges facing our medical team remain unprecedented. As much as we’d like to think otherwise, COVID remains an exhausting challenge.  As well, the staffing shortage in healthcare resulting from COVID burnout (among other factors) is something never seen before.

When I ask what the Foundation can do to help, staff tell me it’s important that frequently used medical equipment is readily available so that precious time isn’t lost locating and retrieving from other departments. With your support, we can provide that much-needed assistance.

Equipment that is reached for constantly in the delivery of medical care includes vital signs monitors, bladder scanners, and pain management pumps – even simple items like IV poles. Having these readily accessible, at their fingertips, means a nurse or other medical team member can accomplish more in the delivery of first class patient care.

Did you know the hospital receives little to no government funding for new or replacement equipment? Our health care team needs our help now more than ever before. That is why we rely on support like yours to help keep our hospital equipped with the most up-to-date equipment and facilities.

Your special holiday donation will help purchase vital medical equipment used across the hospital.

Port Perry Hospital is here for you and your family when you need it.  I hope that today, you will be here for your hospital.  Your donation will help ensure the very best in local health care for you and everyone in your community.

Please take a moment today to make your gift ONLINE ,call our office at 905-985-7321 ex. 45580 or mail a cheque made payable to the “Port Perry Hospital Foundation” at 451 Paxton Street, Port Perry, ON L9L 1L9. We hope you will consider giving monthly, a convenient way for you to spread your gift throughout the year.

If you would like to inquire about purchasing a specific piece of equipment or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to call me directly at 905-985-7321, ext 45581.

Thank you for your valued support. I wish you and your loved ones a healthy and happy holiday season.

With gratitude and warm regards,


Rachel Agnoluzzi, CEO

Port Perry Hospital Foundation


P.S.      Thank you in advance for supporting our community’s hospital through these challenging times. Your gift truly makes a difference.  And please know that your donation will stay right here for use at the Port Perry Hospital.