Hospital Foundation launches Here for You, a $4 Million Fundraising Campaign to bring CT and other essential equipment to Port Perry Hospital

Group holding Here for your Placards, CT scanner Port Perry

Port Perry Hospital Foundation has committed to raising the money required to bring a CT scanner to Lakeridge Health’s Port Perry Hospital.

“Currently, all Port Perry Hospital patients who need a CT scan are transferred to another hospital for their scan before treatment can begin,” said Dr. Mark Adams, a local physician and Port Perry Hospital Foundation Director. “There is no doubt that bringing CT to Port Perry Hospital will improve care for our patients. In fact, it may save lives.”

CT is a standard of care physicians rely on, with scans used frequently to diagnose an injury and/or determine medical treatment, very often in emergency situations.

In 2019, North Durham residents accounted for nearly 2,500 CT scans at other Lakeridge Health hospital sites.  By 2026, that number is forecast to be as many as 6,500 scans a year. A CT scanner at Port Perry will shorten time from assessment to care and treatment.

“In anticipation of today’s public launch, we are incredibly grateful for the $2.45 million that has already been secured through Foundation reserve funds and the generosity of early project supporters,” said Rachel Agnoluzzi, Port Perry Hospital Foundation CEO. “We’re over half way there and now we must turn to our community for their support. Port Perry Hospital is prided for providing excellent local health care. Having CT at the hospital will enhance that care.”

The Here for You campaign will bring a CT scanner to Port Perry while also ensuring other new and replacement patient care equipment is not compromised.

“The Foundation and its supporters provide significant funding to the hospital each year to purchase medical equipment not otherwise possible.  Its important that our campaign includes such equipment over the two-year campaign.  We simply cannot risk other patient needs at Port Perry Hospital being compromised while fundraising for a long-awaited CT scanner,” Rachel explained.

Lakeridge Health updated wiring and electrical at Port Perry Hospital while it was closed following the fire in 2017, making installation of CT scanner possible.

“Lakeridge Health is committed to providing the highest quality care with compassion and kindness to the people of Durham Region,” said Cynthia Davis, President and CEO, Lakeridge Health.  “We are thrilled to see this campaign bringing the community together to support the Port Perry Hospital team and to provide this important new diagnostic tool to the Port Perry Hospital.”

A CT scanner at Port Perry Hospital will only be possible with our community’s full support. To speak to someone at the Port Perry Hospital Foundation about how you can help, please call 905-985-7321 ext. 45580 or donate online.