Monthly Giving

Becoming a monthly donor is easy! There are 3 ways.

  1. Monthly via your credit card.  Use our Monthly Donation Form (pdf) to get started.
  2. Monthly via direct debit from your bank account.  Use our Monthly Donation Form (pdf) to get started.
  3. Online through via the form below.

Also see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why give monthly?

  • Consistent Impact: Monthly donations provide a steady and reliable source of income for Port Perry Hospital Foundation, allowing us to plan and budget more effectively.
  • Convenience: Easy setup and automatic processing to save you time and effort.
  • Fits your Budget: Tailor monthly donations to your yearly budget. Receive a charitable tax receipt that may offset your taxes owed or increase your tax return.
  • Makes a Difference: They feel a strong connection and pride in being a monthly supporter of their hospital, knowing the difference they make.

When and how will my monthly donations come out? 

Your monthly donation will be processed on or around the 15th of each month.

As a monthly donor, you will receive one consolidated charitable tax receipt at year-end for your years’ total, helping us save on administration and postage.

You may adjust or stop your monthly gifts at any time by contacting the Foundation office at 905-985-7321 X 45580 or contacting Alla Ollen-Bittle at

Where are the funds allocated?

Lakeridge requests our Foundation’s help for medical equipment large and small, as well as compassion care and patient and staff safety aids for Lakeridge Port Perry each year. With donations such as those given through monthly contributions, we can say yes to helping with these high priorities that ensure best care at Port Perry.

What types of equipment are needed?

The type of equipment needed varies year over year. Recently we’ve been able to support a state-of-the-art portable Sonosite Ultrasound Machine for both the surgical program and the emergency department, new baby bassinets for the New Life Center, an updated piece of eye care equipment for Emergency, among other items.  With support like yours, important equipment like this is available, helping our medical team when caring for patients every day.

How does the Foundation determine the highest priority and which pieces of equipment are purchased?

We work closely with Lakeridge Health through an exhaustive process to confirm which equipment at Port Perry is the highest priority, much of which is possible only with Foundation support. On occasion, medical items and projects come up outside of this process that the hospital needs our help with. Monthly donations also help to ensure we have available funds for those urgent requests.

Give Where You Live, Donate Monthly in a venn diagram with "Our Donors" in the center, with the top circle being "Compassionate Care", bottom right circle "Highest Priority Equipment" and left bottom circle "Innovation"
All forms of donation provide excellent support, however knowing we can count on our monthly donors helps ensure a sustainable consistent pool of funding for the Foundation to rely on and pull from when high priority equipment is needed.

Rachel Agnoluzzi, Port Perry Hospital Foundation, CEO