When Gratitude for Great Care Inspires a Great Donation – James Mann Story

Gratitude for great care is often the inspiration behind a generous donation and for James Mann, this could not be more true.

Truck stuck in the snowOn February 2nd, 2023 while pulling another vehicle out of a ditch in a blinding snowstorm, one which many of us will remember, an accident occurred. The chain from the tractor pulling the vehicle recoiled and snapped, flying back with enough force to penetrate James Mann’s cheek and cause life-threatening injuries.

James credits the emergency team at Port Perry, among others in his care, for saving his life by assessing his injuries, treating him and stabilizing him before transport to Sunnybrook for multiple surgeries and further care.

James came back into the hospital on the evening of March 28th to personally meet and thank as many front line workers as possible for the care he received. The staff involved were excited to see him on the road to recovery, as rarely do they get to see the patient full circle. Those that were able to, even came in off shift for this opportunity.

Important to note that the following doctors and staff were unable to attend:

  • Dr. Ehan Samiee-Zafarghandy (MD)
  • Dr. Alexander Zayachkonski (MD)
  • Andrea Nauta (RN)
  • Paula Mitcham (RRT)
  • Lindsay Paxton (RRT)
  • Ruth Gillis (Lab Technician)
  • Marcollins de Villa (Lab)
  • Brooke MacLennan (Clerk)

To make this story even more amazing, James has since made an incredibly generous donation in the amount of $50,000 to Port Perry Hospital Foundation and is working with business associates to seek  matching funds.

James’s story is a testament to why care close to home matters so much and how giving back helps ensure continued great care for others.

Thank you to all those that were involved in this great care in this incident and with patients every day.

And now thank you to James for expressing your gratitude in such meaningful and generous ways.