CT Arrives at Port Perry Hospital June 12th

CT Delivery

CT being deliveredThe Port Perry Hospital Foundation and Lakeridge Health mark an exciting milestone.  A state-of-the-art Canon™ Computerized Tomography (CT) Scanner arrived at Lakeridge Health's Port Perry Hospital on June 12, 2023. The CT is ready for installation and regulatory testing so that it can be in service to the first patients in as little as a week to ten days.

This is an important day for the community that relies on the Port Perry Hospital.  Until now, patients requiring a CT scan have had to be transported to other Lakeridge Health hospitals for this important diagnostic scan, often in emergency medical situations.  Having a CT available right on site will change how care is delivered for patients every day here in Port Perry.

The specialized construction to prepare a dedicated suite for the new CT scanner began in April and has included significant structural reinforcements, attention to radiation shielding, and additional HVAC and plumbing requirements.

View the progress of the construction.

Bringing CT to Lakeridge Health's Port Perry Hospital is being made possible because of the outpouring of generosity from the community towards the 2021/2022 Here for You fundraising campaign.

Port Perry Hospital Foundation CEO Rachel Agnoluzzi stated:

“The community immediately recognized the value of this project and the outpouring of community support was awe-inspiring. It will be a number of days before the scanner is up and ready for patients, but today I’m reflecting on the community’s trust and their help in making this a reality. This is something truly amazing.

Lakeridge Health President and CEO Cynthia Davis expressed gratitude:

On behalf of Lakeridge Health, I want to thank the Scugog and Port Perry communities for their continued support and generosity. This new CT builds on the range of diagnostic services we already offer across our Lakeridge Health hospitals and helps us to achieve our strategic vision of One System. Best Health. Today’s arrival of the new CT will benefit all residents in Durham Region. And for the people of this community, it will help to build a more comprehensive continuum of care close to home.”

What Happens Next:

  • The brand new CT scanner arrived June 12th as multiple components. A team including engineers and technicians now begins the work of uncrating the various pieces; and then, the precision work of assembly and installation begins.
  • Calibration and testing are next. This includes software configuration, alignment of internal components and verification of image quality and accuracy.
  • Quality assurance and rigorous safety checks are performed to meet regulatory standards and operational safety.
  • CT onsite training will be conducted with support from a Canon CT Clinical Applications Specialist. Much of Port Perry’s Diagnostic Imaging team has experience with a CT from work at other sites and have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of this new equipment. Training for the particular make and model we have will build on existing skills.
  • The first patient scan is projected for the week of June 19. Training will continue, and patient volumes will gradually increase over the coming weeks and months until  the CT at the Port Perry hospital will be available for patients once fully operational.  The CT means that patients will receive more timely care close to home.
  • The Lakeridge Health team of radiologists will be reading and reviewing CT patient scans from the Port Perry Hospital behind the scenes, in priority sequence with all patient scans through the Lakeridge Health system.

This important addition to Lakeridge Health's Port Perry Hospital will ensure great care close to home; Here for You thanks to you, our community that made it so!

We look forward to keeping you informed in the coming weeks.

Join in on the CT Arrival: