Fundraising Priorities

BE SMART IV Infusion Pumps

Be Smart LogoIV Infusion Pumps have gotten smart, and we need your help to bring Smart Pump technology to Port Perry Hospital.

IV Pumps are essential to patient care, intravenously delivering fluids, medications, blood and blood products, even patient-controlled pain analgesics.

Used in labour and delivery, surgery, medicine, end of life care, and so much more, IV Pumps are essential equipment and Port Perry’s current IV Pumps are outdated.

With a Smart Pump at the bedside, it’s like the patient has, right there, their own personal virtual pharmacist who knows the safe dosing for the medications they are taking.  The Smart Pumps are uploaded with the most up-to-date drug library and medication parameters, essentially transforming them into mini computers.  The Pump is programmed with the patient’s medication and dosage, reducing any potential for dosing error.  With Smart Pump technology, updates to the drug library can be made immediately to every single pump in the hospital, without interruption to patient care for manual programming.

New Life Centre Equipment

New Life Centre - Port Perry Hospital

While the hospital was closed for repairs following the August 2017 fire, the New Life Centre patient rooms received a much-needed update.  Rooms were revitalized, and bathrooms completely rebuilt to be more accessible and patient-friendly – all made possible because of donor support.

There are few hospital visits that bring as much joy as those centred around the birth of a child, and we want to make sure each family has the best care possible.  As such, we have embarked on a New Life Centre equipment campaign and we need your help.  Donations provide for updated labour and delivery beds, fetal monitors, cardiac monitors used for both mom and baby, pull-out sleeper chairs for birth partners, newborn panda warmers, UV lights to address jaundice, and even rocking chairs.

Other Priority Equipment

Each year, Port Perry hospital staff, doctors, and Lakeridge Health’s capital planning team work together to identify the top priorities for the best in patient care.  IV Pumps and New Life Centre Equipment are among those top priorities.

If you would like to explore directing your support to other Port Perry Hospital needs, please contact the Foundation to explore the right opportunity for you.

Contact Rachel Agnoluzzi at the Foundation office, 905-985-7321 ext 5581, to discuss how you might support Port Perry Hospital priorities.