Fundraising Priorities

Each year, Port Perry Hospital staff, doctors, and Lakeridge Health’s capital planning team work together to identify the top priorities for the best in patient care.  The following list includes some of the high priority equipment that Lakeridge Health has asked for Port Perry Hospital Foundation’s help with.

This equipment is for use specifically at Port Perry Hospital, and is made possible because of community support – people like you.

Contact Rachel Agnoluzzi at the Foundation office, 905-985-7321 ext 45581, to discuss how you might support Port Perry Hospital priorities listed below or other urgent equipment needs.

Dr. with Clipboard

Surgical Table – Surgery

Surgery is a core service at Port Perry Hospital and a surgical table is a necessity for any surgical program.  The primary table at Port Perry is approaching end-of-life and a new table will better ensure that patient services are not interrupted.

We have committed to purchasing a new surgical table, providing our surgeons with a system that will making patient positioning easy and efficient and will also support bariatric patients.

Donation(s) required: $60,000

Reagent Refrigerator – Lab

Reagents are substances or compounds that are added to a system (like a slide stainer) in order to bring about a chemical reaction or are added to see if a reaction occurs. In doing so, they help diagnose the patient’s sample.   Reagents are kept in a double-doored, temperature-controlled hospital-grade fridge made specifically for this specific purpose.  Like the slide stainer, this piece of equipment has reached end of life, and is in need of replacement.  To have this fridge fail is to lose the reagent supply and the ability to conduct many lab tests.

Donation(s) required: $8,000

Plasma Thawing Bath – Lab The Plasma Thawing Bath is equipment designed for rapid and uniform thawing of frozen plasma bags to 37°C (98.6°F).  Plasma is kept frozen, and in the case of accidents and other circumstances of rapid blood loss, being able to rapidly and uniformly thaw plasma will help save lives.

Donation(s) required: $16,000.

Vital Signs Monitors (15 units)

Used in patient care throughout the hospital, PPH requires 15 new vital signs monitors.

Donation(s) required: $3,000 per unit for $60,000 in total.

Recently Purchased Equipment Made Possible Because of Donor Support

Recently purchased equipment made possible because of donor support.